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Quality of Light

by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — It’s not unusual for members of the Hi community to rave about the quality of light they experience in some corner of the planet. I’ve seen light described as ‘wonderful’, ‘wistful’, ‘beautiful’, ‘soft’, ‘subdued’, ‘harsh’, ‘bleak’, and in one recent sketch ‘amazing’, ‘lovely’, and ‘stunning’. Recently, in the very heart of Melbourne, I was staring idly into the always muddy waters of the Yarra...

writing, Books, Life History

Creative Non-fiction

by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — As I move into Old Age, I think back on my life as being organized into compartments (about which more in a minute). My favorite compartment was in my forties, when I had a wonderful job writing text...

japanese dining

Simplicity, Flavour and Lots of Buddhas

by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — Whenever in Melbourne at lunchtime, there’s a sweet little Japanese place right on Federation Square, just across the river from the Arts Centre, with Flinders St. Station in one direction and the Cat...

The Beatles, music, history


by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — In 1964, the Beatles took a world tour, and nowhere were they more rapturously received than in Australia - Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. 300,000 fans turned out on the streets of Adela...

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