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Listen to Luis; drawing to hone observation skill

by Vivien Leung

Toronto — I think the super talented Luis Mendo has started a drawing movement on this platform. At least I found another person who got inspired like me today, “listened to Luis” and went drawing. Funny enough, both of our drawings were themed around “park”.

Waitress, I've Been Overserved

by Laura Brady

Toronto — I helped plan a conference. This is a big deal for me. Super fun planning out a dream list of speakers who all enthusiastically agreed to come to another country to talk about ebooks. An awfully auspi...

Landscape, Free Willy

Clothing optional.

by Oli Chance

Toronto — Having decided to find out nothing at all about Toronto before arriving, everything so far has been a very pleasant surprise. The juice of clams doesn’t make you want to vomit (Caesars are rad), no on...

Winter, Snow, New experiences

The first epic snowfall of the year

by Connie Tsang

Toronto — I pass a man on Bloor Street, gleefully squealing into his phone. He bends down to pick up a handful of the freshly fallen snow, shoving it into the screen, like he’s giving someone a first taste of c...

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