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A secret wedding

by Christine Herrin

Vancouver — We had exchanged fake goodbyes just a week before. See you in December—I’ll be back for Christmas! I’ll miss you! See you online! What other people didn’t know was that we were all going to see each other in a week. At another wedding, 7,000 miles away. Unlike the big party (more like grand production) of a wedding we all celebrated last week, this one was going to be small. Intimate. Top secr...


Library in the afternoon. The quiet.

by Misha Berveno

Vancouver — I come here daily. I don’t have an office - I don’t need one. I go up to the 6th floor and find a seat by the window. The workday begins. Every day is different: sometimes I write code, sometimes I w...

Looking back on some sketches from the beginning of the year.

by Matt Schroeter

Vancouver — I usually carry some kind of book around to draw and write in. It helps me make connections between thoughts I’m having, but it also gets me truly interested in the world around me. These two pages ar...

Taking just a couple turns from the path at Vanier Park, you can get lost in a little forest near the city.

by Matt Schroeter

Vancouver — It was a great feeling to escape the buzz of traffic from the bridge overhead, only to hear the leaves rustle in the wind. Sometimes I need to travel to places like this, to get lost in my own regular...

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