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Seeing it in print:One joy of a designer is the chance encounter with something you did.

by Roger Black

Hong kong — THE FIRST reaction is delight. The second is a little discomfort due to the context you find it in. The third is a little disgruntlement over the execution, production values, or things you had no control over. Walking down Pedder Street this afternoon, I has happy to see a poster for Hong Kong Tatler, showing the first cover from the redesign I worked on for the last six months. The headline was ...

Hong Kong, teaching, Students

Why I Teach

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Tony Wong is the reason why I like to teach. He is happy. He has a lot of energy. He never has his homework done. He is struggling in his subjects based on marks. When I taught him in P1, he couldn’t ...

City Life, photography, Hong Kong

The Imaginary City

by Ian Babbitt

Hong kong — Have you been here before? I feel like I have. It’s the imaginary city, the city that steps out of iconic imagery. It is the city that only exists in that moment. Yet, it is the city that everyone tr...

Open Spaces, wifi, fashion

Two brief impressions of Hong Kong. People dress very well and wear suits, even to Royal Geographic Society explorers' talks.

by Peter Morgan

Hong kong — Downtown, there are beautifully dressed china dolls. They take selfies at cafes, before sending a text message or checking in on Facebook, before jotting things in slim pocket calendars, before puttin...

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