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Full stack writing (and publishing): Welcome to Hi

by Craig Mod

Tokyo — We’d like to welcome you to Hi: A community of writers, journalists, journalers, illustrators, photographers, travelers, poets, and musicians exploring the world, and sharing those explorations through images and text. Hi has been in private beta for the last eight months, but today we’re opening to all. We’d love for you to join: Sign up What is Hi? Hi is a writing platform with each piece be...

Japanese Curious, Prose, Testing

The monk in a tree

by Craig Mod

Tokyo — There’s a monk in that tree, I swear. Can you see him? It’s a bit tough. But trust me, he’s there. Bald, in robes. No harness. No helmet. Just a monk in a tree with a sword, cutting branches in my...

drawing, sketchbooks, gear

Never walk alone

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — Yesterday I left the house and forgot to pick up my sketchbook. This is not the first time since I have a shitty memory but when I found out it was not in my bag, I felt horrible. It totally felt – an...

City Life, nature, Cherry Blossoms

Under a canopy of Sakura — we capture — we reflect.

by Ryan Ruel

Tokyo — Likely a reflection of my advancing age, but never have I been so aware of the passage of time than I have during my life here in Japan. The melting pot of seasonal American traditions get diluted bet...

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