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Travel, sunset, cityscape

This was my first time in New York City and, indeed, my very first photoshoot in this iconic metropolis. Thankfully the weather was on my side.

by Conor MacNeill

New york — The weather had looked quite stormy all day, but I decided to risk going out to capture the majestic Manhattan cityscape from Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’d seen this view from a lot of other photographers, so I really needed to make my image stand out. Sadly the park ranger didn’t like me standing on the rocks and threatened to arrest me. I took a couple of steps back and this seemed to appease him. ...

photography, Travel, cityscape

One of the most iconic views in the world.

by Conor MacNeill

Hong kong — To round off our several weeks of round the world travel, myself and Greg finished up in Hong Kong, one of my favourite cities in the world and one which I hadn’t visited for 12 years. It had changed ...

photography, Travel, cityscape

Manhattan. Quite the breathtaking view.

by Conor MacNeill

Manhattan — Foremost, please go to to see a much better quality photo. It’s been completely mangled here. So much so, I can’t actually be bothered writing a stor...

Under Construction, cityscape

Even condos must be planted deep in the earth before they can sprout.

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — Up until March, this site across the street from my building was a busy parking lot. Fences arrived first, and it was all downhill from there. When I leased this apartment last summer, it was after a...

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