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On identity, or why I am obsessed with my college.

by Yiling Ding

Tokyo — It is graduation season again, and my Facebook News Feed is flooded with photos of beaming faces in black gowns. I am overcome by a wave of nostalgia. Suddenly, I am craving raw oysters, New England clam chowder, and beef pho. A few things I came to love so much in my three years at Wellesley. I miss the green grass slope next to Lake Waban. Wasik’s Cheese Shop, its amazing Piave Vecchio, and the...

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The Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin.There is something beautiful about an old library like this.(My first sketch!)

by Paul B

Dublin — Dublin college. In high school my love affair with libraries began. School was too boring, I felt like it took up a lot of time but wasn’t helping me to learn anything interesting. So I spent my spar...

education, college, motivation

We are amalgams of innumerable thoughts, experiences, and sensitivities

by Donovan Bui

Huntington beach — To my students, who by looking to me for answers, push me to question my own knowledge. As you get older, you’ll start to notice life is full of patterns. You see more smiles on Fridays than on Monda...

Life, college

[where did you go?]

by Grace Cha

Pasadena — I took this picture of my best friend, Ashley, this past weekend. She randomly decided to sit here since it was the only shady place from the hot, Sunday afternoon heat. I thought it was pretty hila...

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