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First Love, Decisions

Experiment No.2015

by Ishita Doval

Roma — I find myself at crossroads more often then I’d like. Mostly, the roads aren’t that radical and my choices would not define what I am to become. Every now and then however, I face contrasting routes,...

almost Lover, Decisions, Affections

Decisions, decisions.

by Victoria Wells

Saskatoon — I wish I could say some set of profound words to you, to let you understand the thoughts going through my head. I cannot. Words escape me, somehow, when you’re near me. We joke about this frequently, ...

Change, relationships, Decisions

Who can see the future? I thought I saw it but that is over. Here goes another deep dive into change.

by Samia Singh

Chandigarh — Why do we look to find something that defines us? Why do we fall head over heels into anything remotely exciting? Somebody said that love should be chosen like you would a career, that this whole at f...

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