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postcard, Friends, Love

Love, with a stamp.

by Ricardo Magalhães

Reykjavík — “What on earth are you doing? Why are you mailing them so slowly? It’s cold, get on with it!” — I said to her, barely feeling my fingers. It was our last night in Iceland, and being in Reykjavik meant also that we were finally around civilisation after so long. So we bought postcards and wrote words on them. Walking around the very windy streets looking for a mailbox to send the postcards to frie...

Bridges, exploring, Friends

Wobbly legs, welcoming friends, wondrous views.

by Dan Rubin

Seattle — Instagram is a curious place1: It connects people through stories told via images — one at a time and over the course of time — and those 640 pixels squared2 can say far more than 1000 words. After f...

drawing, Friends, Dreams

When you can't help a friend

by From Sand To Sky

Tokyo — I drew this in my sketchbook when I was in Tokyo last week. It’s a picture of my friend from Kobe, who has been at university in Tokyo for the last 4 years. Everytime I’m in Tokyo we try to catch up a...

Food, Friends, festivals

A sugary aftermath

by Dani Z

Barcelona — “The feathers are from the naked man. They cover him in honey and feathers and then they take him around town, in a box that he jumps in and out of, like a jack in the box, spreading feathers everywhe...

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