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Blind Men and an Elephant

by David Wade Chambers

Lorne — On today’s walk I followed the Sculpture Trail of the Lorne Biennale, approximately 3 K along this classic foreshore, stretching from the pier to the swinging bridge. The piece under examination in this photo is called the end, the beginning. I rather imagine the title is a side-glance reference to the ancient legend of the blind monks and an elephant. As I see it, the artist has challenged the...

sculpture, Street Art, Railways


by Adrian Tribe

London — I love the latest artwork to appear hanging in the Barlow Train Shed roof at St Pancras! It was unveiled yesterday but I had to wait until today before I had a chance to see it for the first time. I...

history, Royalty, sculpture

The Queen of Queen Square

by Adrian Tribe

London — I went exploring another of central London’s many squares during my lunch break today - this time Queen Square, created in the early part of the 18th century. This statue caught my eye. It is of Quee...

Art, sculpture

Say cheese!

by Adrian Tribe

London — Hidden away off a back street just a couple of minutes’ walk from my office, the Dairy Art Centre is quite a place. This fellow stands outside (along side a couple of giant mushrooms and a large whit...

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