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Always remember to look up.

by Paul Capewell

Milton keynes — Apparently my granddad regularly told my mum to remember to look up whenever she was walking around London: “the tops of buildings are often far more attractive or interesting than the bottom.” Consequently, I was brought up the same way. The same rule often applies indoors, too. It’s a good rule to live by.

sky, Prose

From this place

by Sanna Karlsson

Katrineholm — Looking at the sky is the act of a visionary. Raising your head, measuring the distance, that sense of inter-connectedness as you imagine all those other places you could be at that same time, if you ...

Architecture, sky, Cities

In the Clouds

by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — One of the world’s tallest residential buildings, the Eureka Tower is said to be home to more than a thousand people. No doubt other superlative statistics might be dredged up, but I am more interest...

night, sky, spring

Listening to coyotes calling in the western forest

by Jonathon Reed

Kirkfield — The best nights for star photography are the coldest nights. It was early April—only -2ºC. But Venus was shining above the horizon and the north skies beckoned, so I headed outside to try my luck. Wi...

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