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Sun Comes up like an A-bomb

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Just wondering if there could be a connection between today’s sunrise and the fact that the temperature is expected to climb to over 100F this afternoon. Possibly something about atmospheric layers of heat and/or humidity creating visual effects. Anyhow, so far, no fires anywhere near, but we are hunkered down like people waiting for a hurricane. I saw these five Yellow-tailed Black Cockies fly...

summer, childhood, water

Summer Fingers

by John McAlester

Barrington — The thing that I love to do the most is to get right down on my knees, spread my fingertips apart and stick them into the grass just above the ground. Rush my fingers in between the weave of roots and...

Morning, summer

Waking in Florence

by Simon Collison

Florence — I awake to a beautiful Summer’s morning in the Boboli District. The heat has me out of bed unusually early and I find myself on our balcony garden, looking across the terracotta rooftops of Florence. ...


Wild Hearts

by Charlie Grosso

Mombasa — It was always the same. On the last of summer vacation, leaving grandparent’s house, walking down the dimly lit stairs, with mom walking behind me (she always walked behind me, never in front), she w...

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