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The Art of Being Alone (Why Saying No Isn't as Lame as I Thought)

by Soo Song

Palo alto — A few years back, I watched a movie called Yes Man, in which the main character challenges himself to say “yes” to everything for a whole year. To say the least, his life gets a whole lot better a whole lot quickly. But the movie, as rom-com and heartwarming as it was, touched upon an idea that I’ve wrestled with for the longest time. The idea that saying “no” closes doors in life, while “yes” ope...

Philosophy, Thoughts, farewell

Everlasting Constants

by Ricardo Magalhães

Berlin — This is, unfortunately, likely to be the last post I’ll be writing, since I believe it’s soon to be shut down for submissions. But sad as this may appear at first, there is always a romantic vie...

Life, Thoughts

living is letting go

by :DD L

Kathmandu — I was sitting in my four dollar a day bedroom at a guesthouse run by a Sherpa family in Nepal, when I realized one thing: Living is an act of letting go. I used to think life was a grand process of ...

Thoughts, #Nowhere, Moments

Stars are ghosts because of clouds , because of blinding lights

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — Edem. A beautiful tender soul. Her face has never appeared to me so clearly before; and she is smiling. Sometimes we totally forget but these beautiful people always remain with you; even when memorie...

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