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The life of a lonely traveler.

by Dan Rubin

London — I used to enjoy traveling alone, it was an adventure, an unencumbered excursion into the world, and often, the unknown. Trains, planes, airports, hotels, busses, taxis — all were exciting in their own way: When journeying to new places, every step was an adventure, a challenge to overcome, no matter how small; when revisiting a place, those steps, the pieces of every traveler’s puzzle, were famil...

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Sometimes, as a travel photographer, I go to a country and really want to get a particular shot. This was one of them.

by Conor MacNeill

Guilin — I had seen a lot of shots of the famous cormorant fishermen around south China and really wanted to get an image of these guys myself. I had already formed an idea in my head, which can lead to a crus...

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Notes on The Other

by Craig Mod

Narita — What right do I claim? None. No family, no blood ties, no citizenship. Friends, yes, but nothing legal. A visa, up for renewal yet again. Nothing binding. Nothing strict. And so you come. You, too, w...

Africa, Portraits, Travel


by Craig Mod

Kade — Hello, I say. Hello, she says. What’s your name? Ophelia. Her name is Ophelia. She says this and then gives me the look — the look I get from so many of the Africans, the look I initially misread ...

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