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Morning commute. Mind you, this is not the country side, this is the city center of Ethiopia's capital!

by Peter Nacken

Addis ababa — … to be fair, Addis Ababa is currently under construction … has been for years and no end in sight. This particular spot is know as ‘Mexico Square’ and currently looks more like a crater. They are working on setting up a light rail train system. Who would have known, when I took this photo, what news this day would bring. There was a bomb blast yesterday in a neighborhood known as ‘Little Som...



by Mona Nomura

Tokyo — Typical view of my morning commute. The aggression during peak commute times, is really something else. A neck, shoulder, head, top of a head or even hair is in my face, the side of my face, my back....

cars, traffic, Commutes

Concert in the car!

by Christine Herrin

Quezon city — Stuck in traffic. Again. (When are you not stuck in traffic when you drive in Manila, anyway?) I know these roads so well, but I never know what to expect each time I drive by. Speeding (!) buses. ...

Commutes, Cities, Underground

The man stands motionless in a crush of white-shirted salarymen, as they swarm past him, toward the single escalator.

by Dan W

Tokyo — As I walk toward him, he turns and makes eye contact, then blinks furiously and faces the tracks. The crowd parts for a second and I am able to see him in profile. On top of his shaved head rests a th...

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