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This morning on my morning walk, I chanced on the Green-comb Spider Orchid (Arachnochis dilatata), without my camera or phone.

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — So, I had to dip into my iPhoto archive 4 years back to find an image to share with you. I love this plant’s rakish appearance and have often photographed it on Ted’s Ridge Track behind the house. I have read that the Wurunjeri people at Coranderrk Station near Melbourne called this orchid ‘koolin’, and ate its tubers cooked or raw. The flower itself is only a few inches long, but is a great j...

Botanical gardens, Joy, flowers

Botanical Garden: Santa Fe Style VI

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — Last evening I attended a lovely garden party to celebrate the first anniversary of Santa Fe’s official Botanical Garden. It’s a modest launch to a very worthwhile enterprise, both the botanical plant...

fires, flowers, climate change

It's NSW burning down at the moment, not us.

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Friends and family from Europe and North America have written and rung to find out if we are safe from the New South Wales fires. We are! The nearest are about 1000 k away from us burning across the...

gardens, flowers


by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — This is my story of the crucifix orchid. It thrives on neglect. Nine years ago we were given a couple of cuttings of the beautiful Epidendrum ibaguense, which I believe is a native of the Caribbean ...

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