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Hoshi-kuzu 2013, Winter, Christmas

Sweet cabin music

by Chris Palmieri

Naganohara — We spent three nights in a cabin in the woods with one hundred grams of Oya’s near black beans, a 707, a monosynth and a bag of marshmallows. For me, this was a much needed retreat into multiple states of simplicity and commitment. No masters, no manuals, no real polyphony, no keys, no undo, and only the crudest affordances of save: a small notebook ninety minutes on a portable audio recorder o...

NYC, Art, Winter

Unsilent Night, serenaded by boomboxes

by Taylor Davidson

New york — Unsilent Night is a performance art piece where the audience are the performers. The composition Unsilent Night is distributed to participants (originally as cassette tapes), who are given one of 4 pa...

Christmas, deja vu, Vintage car

Déjà vu

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Walking into the lobby of the hotel, burdened by an old man’s waspish resistance to the joys of the holiday spirit, I was irritated, perhaps, by the sight of the huge baubles on the tree and by the im...

Christmas, Melancholy, Street

Christmas is over. And it's quite sad to see all those abandoned Christmas trees lying on the pavement.

by Thomas Hardy

Lyon — I love Christmas. It is a cosy moment we can share and enjoy with our family or closest friends. But each year, after Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, in the first days of January, I used to se...

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