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Dictation in Berlin

by Shu Kuge

Tokyo — “Sepp,” my mentor from graduate school, still writes me back once in a while. He always begins his letters like this: “I am dictating this letter in Berlin.” It can be from Paris, Madrid, Kyoto, or Rio. He dictates his letter and his secretary Margaret in Palo Alto types it up and mails it to me in Tokyo. This particular line reminds me of his deep baritone voice and laugh that sounds like he is a...

friendship, home, Depression

Friendship is not developed though time, rather moments of time.

by Vivien Leung

Berlin — Sitting in the corner of a cafe, observing, I try to reflect if I am enjoying solitary, or struggling another day of loneliness. ‘Friendship is not developed through time, rather moments of time.’ I...

tokyo, music, friendship

I am the worst.

by Mona Nomura

Tokyo — Lucky me. One of my favorite people in Tokyo, also cultures me. He knows everything there is to know about furniture, art, music, and photography. He also critiques my photographs. A lot. Most of the ...

Travel, friendship

Road tripping with EG

by Dani Z

Big sur — Years ago, EG told me that when people die it is not just the loss of their company we mourn, but the loss of the self we were with them. Every moment spent with someone is a memory created, one that...

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