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Waiting the night

by Sanna Karlsson

Örebro — The sky is beautiful tonight. In the language of water colours I’d describe it as ultramarine going over in pthalo turquoise and prussian blue. If you look to the west, it lightens up in a faint cobalt where the sun disappeared an hour ago or so. It’s so hot, the air feels like a warm, living thing breathing into my ear. This has been the hottest day so far, and it seems to be not so smoothly tran...

Travel, Northern Lights, night

Gathered under the aurora in the early morning

by Jonathon Reed

Abisko — Dusk, when the sun slipped beneath the horizon and the sky in the north deepened to a dark blue—that was when the legacy of Abisko really began. We spent the nights refreshing forecasts and brewing c...

Travel, photography, night

Singapore is a photographer's paradise. It's full of amazing architecture, often has amazing sunsets and sunrises due to being in the tropics and also has cool things like lasers shows.

by Conor MacNeill

Singapore — Thankfully one of these laser shows happens twice a night at the Marina Bay Sands and I took this chance to capture it. I was out walking with my good friend of over a decade, Celia. She has been liv...

night, Prose, poetry

Midsummer Night

by Sanna Karlsson

Katrineholm — I’m outside, brushing my teeth The air is humid and cool and wonderful it’s been raining all day and now the blues and the greens of the night are all jumbled up, bleeding into each other A light...

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