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Game Of Wednesdays

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — Wednesdays are boring. Nothing exciting ever happens on a Wednesday. It’s 6am and my foggy brain is doing its limited best to make this Wednesday an interesting one. The plan, as usual, is to leave the house before 6h30 to go for a climbing session — failing to do so means not having enough time to make it back on time for the company Skype meeting. Game on. I decide to start my day with 3 live...

London, stairs, light

There's nothing quite like a bit of lovely light.

by Dan Rubin

London — I was on my way to meet some friends for coffee and a chat in London on Friday, walking up the stairs on the West side of London Bridge after exiting the Underground at Monument, when a patch of stunn...

London, Prose, Cities

I lay another card down as the summer rain continues to pour

by Aaron Davies

London — Sitting in the pub I concentrate on the hand in front of me. It’s neither promising nor unpromising and I pause for a moment to look out at the shower of heavy summer rain pouring down outside. A minu...

London, romance, Life

Everything began and ended by the river.

by Esther Bidle

London — It was the only place I could escape the maelstrom: of the city; of my life; of myself. I went there whenever I needed a moment to sort through my thoughts. From one stream to another. I took them the...

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