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Does this beat a Kindle hands down?

by Adrian Tribe

Sevenoaks — There’s something about books that is very hard to beat, don’t you think? I’m talking about real, physical books. Especially old books! It’s not just the feel, although that’s definitely part of it. It’s the smell too. And the thrill of turning the page to reveal the next part of the story. And with old books the craftsmanship too. It’s just a much fuller, richer experience than flipping ope...

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Today's Sunrise, commute

Here comes the sun...

by Adrian Tribe

Sevenoaks — It would appear that my train came not from Ashford International this morning but from an effulgent rising sun. Thankfully it had cooled down by the time I got on it :-)


It's a foggy start today

by Adrian Tribe

Sevenoaks — I find fog fascinating (how sad am I?!) Obviously you can’t see very far, but it influences other senses too. Everything sounds different in thick fog. The density forces an eerie silence even in us...

sunrise, spring, commute

Another beautiful morning!

by Adrian Tribe

Sevenoaks — I live just a few minutes walk from the station and have been commuting to London for so long now (is it really 22 years?!?) that I’ve got the timing down to a fine art. Sometimes the train is just pu...

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