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music, Winter

A moment

by Christine Herrin

Bath — I remember standing in the middle of the freezing plaza, absolutely mesmerized by the lone street musician. Gah, this guitar. This music, this cold, this crowd. A perfect little moment. Almost felt like a movie — that part where everything freezes, and the love of my life steps out from the shadows to find me. … Or something like that. Then, my mom calls out for me to catch up with the r...

Winter, airbnb, artist

What are we all doing here anyway?

by Dani Z

Washington — A couple of weeks ago I was lying in bed in my Airbnb, up to my ears in blankets, listening to the wind howl outside and seep in through cracks in the windows next to me. The heater in the hall outsid...

Travel, Memories, Winter

Something woke me up at 3:30am

by Donovan Bui

Berlin — In reality, it was the time difference between Berlin and home, but I’ll probably remember it as the snow calling us to see it fall together for the first time. For just a little while, we had the wh...

Hoshi-kuzu 2013, Winter, Christmas

Sweet cabin music

by Chris Palmieri

Naganohara — We spent three nights in a cabin in the woods with one hundred grams of Oya’s near black beans, a 707, a monosynth and a bag of marshmallows. For me, this was a much needed retreat into multiple stat...

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