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Nozawa Yoga, Onsens, Public Bathing

Public onsen roofs

by Craig Mod

Nozawaonsen — I bathed under that beautiful roof. The yuruyu (ゆる湯) or, gentle water, into which I had dipped myself was anything but gentle at 44℃. Not to say it wasn’t comforting or warming — it was — but it was approaching the upper bounds of comfort and warmth, just a degree or two below scalding. Next to it was the atsuyu (あつ湯) or, hot water. The water the real men — the farmers from this little village —...

Architecture, Metro, photography

This is Rådhuset (Court House) station on the blue line of the Stockholm metro system in Sweden.

by Conor MacNeill

Stockholm — This was taken during the last night of a 10 trip around the arctic with my good friend Dave Morrow. We spent a bit of time around Arctic Sweden, but mostly we headed to the Norwegian Arctic, in parti...

Architecture, photography, Haiku

Taj Mahal sunrise, 12-hour round-trip journey; Beauty unsurpassed.

by Dan Rubin

Agra — This morning at 2am, I left Le Meridien Delhi with a driver, guide, and security guard (just to be on the safe side, according to the hotel) to travel 3 hours to Agra for a chance to capture the Taj M...

Architecture, artist Dates

Today's walk

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — This week was one of the worst ones I’ve had in a while—I must be at that point in grad school where I just want to cry / quit—so I’ve decided to find ways to kickstart my creativity (and regroup / cl...

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