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The graffiti in Reykjavík is subtly different from elsewhere.

by Colin Wright

Reykjavik — Part of the difference is due to the difference in alphabet — there are characters used in the Icelandic language that slip off the Americanized tongue at first, but quickly become familiar the more you use them. Đ or đ, for example, is a very similar sound to the American ‘th.’ Therefore, an excellent viking rapper catchphrase would be ‘Đug Lyfe.’ There are numerous accented words, which, like ...

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beautiful street art in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by John Whipple

Buenos aires — In Buenos Aires, street art is both prevalent and unique as compared to other places in the world. This first picture shows a pair of eyes above a wall of graffiti. The work was done with pastels and ...

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22 Tavistock Place (Delightful Doorsteps #5)

by Adrian Tribe

London — Here is the ‘twin’ for the doorstep at number 24, although a quick glance will immediately tell you these are not twins of the identical variety! Unlike number 24, this design has more random element...

Street Art

NYC en famille. What an adventure.

by Laura Brady

New york — Showing my two sons (nine and thirteen) the sights and sounds of NYC. Cramming in all the traditionally touristy things: Times Square, the Museum of Natural History, Central Park and it’s zoo. We are ...

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